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toadstool handmade softie



fabric 10x8cm, for the stalk

circle of felt 3cm diameter, for the base

2 ovals, roughly 9cm wide by 8cm tall, one in felt, the other in fabric for the toadstool top

embroidery thread (eg, pearl cotton 8 or 12)

polyfil stuffing

small smooth pebble

selection of buttons (optional)


plus the usual needle, pins, scissors etc




1. Take the fabric rectangle, fold in half, right sides together and sew 0.5cm in from the edge, then turn the 'tube' the right way round, turn the raw edge inwards and pop a little polyfil into the open end to help it hold it's shape,

place the felt disk over the end and oversew with the embroidery thread.

2. Next, remove the polyfil and replace with a small, smooth pebble wrapped in some more polyfil to weight the base. Continue stuffing the stalk until it is full.

3. Now you will need the 2 ovals shapes, cut a small circle in the centre of the felt one (this is for the stalk to sit in), place them together, right sides out, pin and then sew all the way round the edge in blanket stitch. At this stage, you could add some buttons on the top for decoration.

4. Turn the toadstool top upside down and stuff with polyfil through the hole, careful not to overstuff as this will make it top heavy. Place the toadstool top over the tip of the stalk, and attach by oversewing, you can also add some extra, decorative, stitches underneath (see the images below).

additional images...

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