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handmade kitten softie





2 pieces of patterned fabric 10x10cm (one is the front, the other, the back)

pink felt 10x10cm

beige felt 10x10cm

selection of coloured embroidery thread inc white for the whiskers

white sewing cotton (for stitching the body together, you can do this by hand or on a sewing machine)

2 mini circular buttons

1 mini triangle button

1 small pink button

polyfil for stuffing


plus the usual needle, pins, scissors etc

1. First, referring to the templates, cut a body shape from each of the patterned fabrics, and pin the two, right sides together. Stitch all the way around, 0.5 cm in from the edge with the white sewing cotton, leaving the bottom open for turning and stuffing. Turn the body so it is the right way round, paying careful attention to turning the point of the ears, and stuff by tearing small pieces of polyfil. Cut the oval shape from the beige felt, place over the open end of the kitten, and attach with random straight stitches using the embroidery thread.


2. To decorate the face, cut the snout triangle, 4 small triangles, and 2 circles from the pink felt. Position the large triangle centrally on the face and again, attach with random straight stitches using the embroidery thread.  Continue by sewing on the 4 small triangles in the same way, 2 on either side of the face. Add the eyes by placing a circle underneath each button eye, and finally attach the triangle button for a nose. Also, backstitch a mouth, and add a few long straight stitched whiskers with the white embroidery thread.


3. For the tail, cut 2 tail shapes from the beige felt, place them together and blanket stitch round the edge to join them using the embroidery thread, then attach the tail to the back of the kitten using the small pink button.


And that’s one cute kitty complete, meoww…!





As this is a small project, it is great for using up scraps of fabric and thread.


If you can’t get hold of the small buttons, use tiny pieces of felt instead.


You could use a stuffing implement, a knitting needle or chopstick will do to make sure the stuffing is pushed right up into the kittens ears.

t e m p l a t e s   etc...

click the download button below for the template pdf

cat sewing pattern template

SCALE: kitten's body should measure 9cm at the widest part

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